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All of the latest news on
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Sitting can be
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Find out if your chronic
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Paying the price
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What prolonged sitting
is costing your business.

The guide to
proper posture

A cheat sheet to sitting,
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Voom in the News

The dangers of sitting made headlines this year, and so did Voom and its Founders. See what everyone’s talking about (and why it’s time for you to get moving!)

Here are some of our latest posts with more information about
leading a healthy life and fighting inactivity.

The Gamification
of Wellness

The phrase "gamification" has been tossed around a lot lately when talking about wellness programs. But what does this modern day term mean, and do gamified wellness programs really work?

Workstations Have
Flaws, Recent
Research Shows

With all of the sour news about prolonged sitting, more workers are turning to alternative workstations like standing and treadmill desks. But recent research shows that these active workstations may be doing you more harm than good.

Back Pain in
Americans at All
Time High

A shocking 66 million Americans suffer from back pain every year. What is causing so many individuals this pain? And perhaps more importantly, what can we do to prevent it?

How the
Contributes to

If you have overweight or obese employees, you cannot solely blame them; you as an employer may be playing a bigger role in the obesity epidemic than you think.

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