"You wouldn't put your workers at
risk by letting them on a job site
without a hard hat. So why would
you allow your employees
to sit all day without Voom?"

-Dr. Gregory Soltanoff, Founder of Voom

Prolonged sitting is
responsible for the
most common injuries
and illnesses Americans
seek treatment for.


A Cure For What Ails You

Voom is the only wellness program to target BOTH injuries and illnesses.

How do we do it?

Voom breaks up sitting time by alerting you to take a short exercise break once an hour. Each 2 minute break is packed with stretches and exercises that target the most common injuries and illnesses Americans face today.

Voom keeps you active and engaged by creating fun challenges and competitions you can play with friends and co-workers. Get healthy and get rewarded with points, badges, and additional incentives.

Once a month, Voom adds an additional healthy behavior challenge to your wellness routine. Nutrition, fitness, stress, sleep…the Little Changes Challenges help our members make incremental changes throughout the year and develop them into lasting, life changing habits.


Voom is available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and web browsers.

Voom Works For Your Business

With simple set up, high engagement, and easy to use tracking and reporting, Voom is the way companies do wellness in the 21st century.

are sitting.
getting sick.
It’s costing
you money.

Reduce Workers' Compensation and Disability Claims

Repetitive strain and motion injuries account for 62% of all claims and result in $15- 20 billion in lost work time and medical claims. Our videos directly target the most common repetitive strain/motion injuries, both preventing and rehabilitating!

Decrease Health Care Costs

Health care costs have risen over 80% in the last decade and chronic disease accounts for 75% of those costs. Researchers are seeing a direct link between the amount of time we spend inactive at our desks and the amount employers pay in employee benefits for chronic disease. Taking a two minute break every hour has been proven to do more to reduce chronic disease than getting a vigorous workout three to five times a week!

Increase Productivity

Lost productivity from sitting related injuries and illnesses costs employers $3,012 per employee every year. Voom not only reduces illness and injury, but prevents the chronic fatigue so many office workers face. After just one day, employees who take micro-breaks are 59% more accurate!

Group licenses available for as little as $0.25 per employee per month.